Unit A :)

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Unit A :)

Unread post by emilymarriott »

Hi All,

After receiving an A+ on my first unit, it makes me even more excited to be apart of this course!
I can't wait to get stuck into unit B.

Emily :)
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Re: Unit A :)

Unread post by dawnielyn »


I just finished Assignment A4 and its been so good! I can't wait to move on. The assignments have been very interesting and kind of puts you in the mindset of a planner. Just where I need to be :)
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Re: Unit A :)

Unread post by EP46979 »

Can you guys assist me with question C. A4 please. I'm a bit lost. Can use your help. Thank you
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Unread post by dollarcher »

when I try to type my assignments into the worksheet it wont let me. Can anyone tell me why please or how to resolve my issue... Thank you in advance<3
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Re: Unit A :)

Unread post by trackstar97 »

Congrats, I'm still on Unit A, trying to get thru this unit, its been a little struggle but I'm so glad that I can see someone has passed the Unit A thanks for the post
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Re: Unit A :)

Unread post by Salmaadi »

Hi everyone

Can you please help me understand assignment A5?
As there's no specific case or figures how can i do the pricing ?
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