Looking For Advice Please

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Looking For Advice Please

Unread post by Terri81 »

Hi all, I am currently a self employed virtual assistant and qualified bookkeeper.

A lot of my clients are currently in the wedding and events industry which made me decide to complete this course, to get a much fuller insight into how wedding and event planners, vendors etc work.

The thing is that the more that I read and learn (currently just finished Assignment A6) the more I think that maybe I want to plan events myself.

Not sure whether to complete Assignement A7 now or think about how I want to progress.

Is anyone else unsure of the direction that they want to take once the course is complete? I'm not even sure if I want to plan private events, commercial events, be a virtual assistant or do all three.

Feeling very overwhelmed right now. Does anyone have any advice?
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Re: Looking For Advice Please

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Hi Terri81

I personally didn't complete A7 or B6 for that matter as I never plan on running my own self employed business.

If you do plan on doing so in the future, I would say it is worth spending that little bit of extra time on these units and complete these sections. :)

I hope this helps and good luck with the course :)

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