New student

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New student

Unread post by TayLinAnne »

Hi all

I'm gayle from Western Australia. I already have my business up and running from previous work in coordination, my next step is to formalise my knowledge with a cert. I'm quite excited to embark on this adventure, knowing it will teach me so much more than I have already learnt. I'm a mum to 3 children, I've had a break working in coordination for quite some years because my kids have been my focus. now they're all starting school, I may as well too, it's time to start contributing to the family funds :)

thanks for reading. :)
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Re: New student

Unread post by Matthew.Edm »

and good luck ;)
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Re: New student

Unread post by JessAyer »

Hi Gayle,
I just enrolled. I hope to connect with other students to share the experience. I can't wait to get started on the material. See you in the Forums!

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Re: New student

Unread post by SloLove »

Hey guys,

Im Will from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I just signed up for the Event/wedding planner course 2 days ago. All of this is brand spanking new to me. I do not currently have a business or planned any events. So Im going to hold off on creating my website for now lol. Either way Im ready to get started
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Re: New student

Unread post by kayli1227 »

Good Luck!!!
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Re: New student

Unread post by mandyj »

Hello all I am new to this as well. I have only planned my kids birthday parties. I love being creative. I can't wait to get going on this wonderful adventure. :)
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Re: New student

Unread post by Kenichi »

I'm Kenichi (key-knee-chi) I just enrolled in the Home Staging course earlier this month (June). All of this is new to me too but I am so excited about the new adventure.
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Re: New student

Unread post by yocat1 »

Hi All,
I am a New student as well Wedding/Event Planning. I cant wait to get my materials. I am also eager to start interacting with other students in the same course studies.

Looking forward to this being a great start for me

Yolanda- Illinois
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