Ideas please

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Ideas please

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Hi, I'm new so please bear with me. I've been asked if I'd like to organise an event to promote different restaurants in our local town. The idea is that each restaurant stall would share some of their dishes with the public in order to promote their business. I'd be very grateful if anyone could help me with ideas of how to go about planning this please
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Re: Ideas please

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In my current town (Grand Rapids, MI) we have a lot of festivals. Why don't you try putting something together with the general public and consult with 10+ restaurants and breweries. These restaurants would meet in a park or somewhere like that (obviously review the restrictions in your area) and serve samples to everyone. Admission would be a flat fee that would include, say, 5 tickets. Each sample would be a different amount of tickets, same with breweries and beer. This way people could pick and choose what samples they'd like to try, and the restaurants would be able to get their name out while also not completely fronting the costs as you're paying them back with some of the admission fees.
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