Contracts with clients

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Contracts with clients

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Hey all students. How are you? I'm almost done with my Wedding and Events Course, and I'm so excited to be starting my own business! I'm actually going to the city hall near me today to find out all the forms I need to file for my business and all the required work for that. I'm also going to be looking into how to start up a website for my business after that's completed.

I was wondering if there are any students who have already started planning with clients. I need help trying to figure out what to put in the client contracts. Like, I think I know all the rules I'm going to have for my business, but how should I word out the contract so everything is out there but it's still professional?
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Re: Contracts with clients

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Hi there,

I've started me own event planning business already while still completing the course. Web: I have a general contract that I use with a few things that are modified based on each client since everyone is different. I can email you a copy of one? My friend, who is a lawyer (in Canada) drafted this for me, pro boni. Email me at zach[@]
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