HELP! Assignment D2 - Trouble in Paradise

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HELP! Assignment D2 - Trouble in Paradise

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Hey QC students,
I need your help. I am stuck on Assignment D2 - Trouble in Paradise.
I am not sure if there has been some sort of mistake with this assignment because it doesn't say what the SITUATION is. It just jumps RIGHT into the different choices you would choose to take for the situation. Is there some sort of information missing? I'm a bit lost... someone please help!
The assignment worksheet is below:

Would you:
a. Try to reassure the bride that everything will be fine and change the subject.
b. Listen as she vents her feelings and then encourage her to speak to her future husband about her feelings.
c. Tell her that prenuptial agreements are just a way of planning for the “worst-case scenario” and they are created to protect both parties. Encourage her to talk to her future husband.
d. Tell her not to sign.
e. Other
Select the answer that best describes how you would deal with the situation. Briefly explain your choice (if you selected Choice E, explain what you would do). Your answer can be written in point form or in full sentences.

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Re: HELP! Assignment D2 - Trouble in Paradise

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Hi iconic42,

You will want to be sure that you are reviewing your Course Guide before filling out the assignment template, as the guide contains the full assignment with the instructions. :)

Warm Wishes,

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