First meeting/consultation

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First meeting/consultation

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Hi all,
Just curious about how some of your first meetings and consultations with clients went. Im excited to get started but not sure how to go about it alone for the first time. Thanks!
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Re: First meeting/consultation

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So far all of my initial consultations have gone really well. All of my clients have been very welcoming and excited. You have to remember, they want your help, and they want you to be successful, because that means their wedding/event will be successful. They've already done their research in order to find you in the first place. I'm quite the talker so most of my consults go longer than I'd prefer. But other than that, their pretty easy peezy. I was a little nervous at first (deer in the head lights) but after my first two were done, I gain a lot of confidence. I would suggest practicing on friends and family first. Just to get over the jitters, and bumbling your way through it, missing information or questions etc...

Good luck!
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