New Student - Baltimore

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New Student - Baltimore

Unread post by Traceybwt »

Hi everyone!

I am a little halfway into the event planning course and I love it! I am transitioning from leaving my corporate position and diving into my entrepreneurial dreams. I am taking everything one day at a time and very interested in conversing with like minds.

Wishing much success to ALL!

Best Regards,
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Re: New Student - Baltimore

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Hi Tracey,

I have just finished the course and am waiting to receive my Certificate. Your going to enjoy the course as you move on to each unit. I am working in hotels right now but my ultimate dream is to branch off on my own and start a business.

Mush success to you as well!
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Re: New Student - Baltimore

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Hi Tracey!

If that Baltimore is Maryland, then I am not too far. I am from Bel Air, Maryland. I just finished the Event Decor course and I am on Unit B of Event Planning. It's been about a month since your post, but I was wondering how long it has taken you to get through each unit. Event Decor went pretty quickly for me, but Event Planning is a bit slower. I would like to have mine done by the end of the year (Event + Wedding), but I originally wanted ALL of it done by now. Maybe we could bounce ideas off each other as we are in similar/adjoining markets!

Good luck with your coursework and business!

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