A question about Assignment A5

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A question about Assignment A5

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Hello everyone!
Maybe someone can help me, I am from a really small town in Oregon, and I don't plan on doing my events in this town, I am planning to move to a different city, where I have lived before.
The town I am currently in is too small to really do assignment A5 without overlap in every category. Do you think this will be okay? Or should I use the city where I want to start my business?
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Re: A question about Assignment A5

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Hi there !
I am a QC event graduate and a rule of thumb I used for these assignments was to plan using resources from 0-20 miles around from where I planned on doing events. Sometimes this still led to some overlap in the assignments however that is the reality of this business (there is going to be some overlap and loyalties to certain businesses). I say use the city you plan to host events ! This will only help to further familiarize you with the area which will give you a leg up when you do begin your event planning journey there ! :D Goodluck!
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