New Student Hertfordshire!!

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New Student Hertfordshire!!

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I am so excited to have started this course! Wedding and Events Planning is something i have always wanted to do and this course is making it all possible!

I am only half way through Unit A but i am loving every moment of it.

I am over the moon because i have also just accepted a position at a local Manor House that is used for Events as a Conference and Events Coordinator :D

My dream is coming true. I would just like to know of any of your success through doing this course and whether you guys are planning to tart your own business through doing this course or work for an events company.

Also, what did you find easiest or hardest in the course and what you enjoyed?

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Re: New Student Hertfordshire!!

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Congratulations and I wish you the best of luck! I just enrolled and I'm a little overwhelmed lol can't believe my dreams are coming though as well :-)
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