Finding a job

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Finding a job

Unread post by bonnetdane »

Hi , Im having difficulties finding a job in this field ... and I dont want to start my own business. How did you do it ? Im searching on the internet, I guess I cant find the right keywords ... and all I can find are jobs that require 1-2 years of experience , which I dont have.

I'd appreciate some tip, thanks in advance !
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Re: Finding a job

Unread post by Fireflygal87 »

Hi Bonnetdane,

I think the key is to just keep applying for jobs, even if you think you have no chance because of experience. You never know who will give you a shot. And in the meantime, you could contact local venues to see if you can do work-shadowing or work experience with them at the weekends etc. I know it's unpaid, but similar to media/fashion/makeup, the only way to get experience is to offer services for free to build up a portfolio.

If you are wanting to build up more of a portfolio, it might be worth setting up a few events yourself. Even on a small scale, you get pictures from it.

I'm setting up on my own but am still working part-time in another job to pay the bills. I'm setting up events with my friends so I can get the shots.

Hope it all works out for you,

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Re: Finding a job

Unread post by barlow.amanda »

Hi there!

I feel your pain even though I just started getting out there is a big fear I have too. I found looking at bed and breakfast type vendors are good or caterer types to find a job. Also for some reason surprisingly craigslist had plenty of jobs at least to help you get your foot in the door if you use the right keywords. What I plan to do (and I will be starting my own business) is get a job in the field (i.e bridal shops, florist or a craft store). I have found that these places give you excellent ideas for your events but also look good on your resume when you apply for a planner position because, it shows you have a sales, creativity and a general industry background. Now I do want to warn these places probably wont pay much but it's a start or at least a part time thing. For me my husband is in the Air Force so I tend to have a lot of free time now :lol: , so while looking into working at one of those places I have gotten an unpaid internship with an event planning company. This way when I finally finish my course work I will have a good amount of stuff under my belt that will hopefully help me out. Fireflygal87 is right though about creating a portfolio, you will probably need to do some events for free just to get started. Hope this helps! And good luck, keep your chin up!
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Re: Finding a job

Unread post by RebeccaZ »

I'd suggest offering services onlin on like craigslist or to friends and family for a low cost/free. This way you can get testimonials and photos that you can include in your portfolio or resume showing that you have real world experience in this field.
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