New Student- Feedback???

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New Student- Feedback???

Unread post by violetfairy »

Hi there!

I just joined yesterday and wanted to know how everyone feels about the material, course and assignments. Carrying a full time job, when do you complete your assignments? evening and weekends?

Also, how fast has everyone completed their courses? I signed up for all four and was wondering if it's possible to finish by the summer (4-5 months)

My ultimate goal/plan is to move back from NYC to California (where I'm from) to start up my own Event Management business with my best friend. Then eventually expand to the east coast and globally.

Please advise where you live and if it's a good market for events- how busy is it? Events weekly? monthly?

Thanks!!! :D
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Re: New Student- Feedback???

Unread post by Ahava »

Hi Violetfairy!

Welcome to the course! The materials range from fairly easy to a little more difficult as you progress. I work full time as well as go to college full time, so I do my assignments whenever I have some spare time, or a spare day. Nights and weekends do work :)

I only signed up for event and wedding planning, and I think the time it takes you to finish just depends on how much time you're able to dedicate to the assignments.

Good Luck!
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Re: New Student- Feedback???

Unread post by Aimee.Dunn »


I have a full time job six days a week, the best suggestion that I can give is to allocate your time wisely, One hour everyday or every other day should keep you on track, depending on your schedule. This is if you want to complete within 4-5 mths, I'd suggest this, more than an hour, even better.

Good Luck!
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Re: New Student- Feedback???

Unread post by CMilthaler »

Hi! I Signed up for the Event and Wedding Planning, Event Decor, and Luxury Event and Wedding Planning courses. I have been working on the first two for about two weeks now and am already half way through the Event and Wedding planning course and almost half done with Event Decor since I can work on both of those at the same time. The part that is holding me back the most is waiting for my assignments to be graded by my tutor (you can't submit your next unit until your last one has been graded). I spend about 1 - 2 hours a day on my assignments and reading, a little more on the weekends. I work it around my work and my almost two year old daughters nap schedule! I already have my next units done by the time my last unit was graded so I can submit it as soon as I can.

I am LOVING these courses! I have about three years of experience under my belt and just wanted to get these certifications to have on my resume. You are going to LOVE them! The tutors are fantastic and give you great advice as well as answering any questions you have!

Good Luck!
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