Submitting assignments

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Submitting assignments

Unread post by CdGuillory »

I am a new student. I have been trying to save my assignments so that I may submit them, but to no avail none of my work was being saved. Any suggestions as to why I am having this problem. Please help because I am already behind due to this problem! Thanks
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Re: Submitting assignments

Unread post by Natronald »

that's a strange one...maybe they have been saved but are just misplaced somewhere...I have a dedicated folder on my desktop titled completed assignments which i put all my finished work in with folders for each unit...might be a good idea doing that??

If you know what name you saved it under there is a search button in the start menu maybe try typing the name in and your work may come up?

Also always save it as a new file with the "save as" button on word, this will ensure it is saved properly and you can save it where you want.

Hope this helps and you get your work back
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Re: Submitting assignments

Unread post by calcat94 »

Yes first save your assignments as SAVE AS . Then save it in one file so it will be easier to upload! I had an issue with saving it as a doc to upload. But I finally figured it out!
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Re: Submitting assignments

Unread post by sundus »

My s well name is Sundus from London. I really understand your problem .I had that problem I was really frustrated - on student center go to help ico print the doc on how to save and submit the assign. follow the steps or call for assistance 08000664734 they are kind and will assist you . when you phone them make sure you are ready with your computer pen and paper
All the best
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