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Hi there,

I've been stuck on assignment C5 for the past month. It's the one about writing a direct mail using the AIDA formula. I've searched online, and I still don't seem to be able to construct a letter! Any ideas/guidance? Does anybody else find it hard to write?

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Re: C5

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I had some writers block at first and then figured it out. You just need a little inspiration. All it is you need to do is find a way to capitalize your assets of your brand and company and what you plan on doing. It's a letter in a way. Remember its only to be 200 words so when you reall think of it its not much. I had problems reducing my words. I'm sure you ger letter type of flyers in the mail. Like maybe from Tepperman's is a good example. Thats the idea you're going for. You need a catching first line to stand out like CONGRATULATIONS! or GOOD NEWS! or I"VE ENCLOSED etc that sort of thing. then spin off that. pitch your business and what you offer that others can't. Include a respond before ______ and I will discount my fees at ___% or BOOK me by ______(Date) and recieve ________. An incentive. Remember you are making this letter to 1 target audience so stay focused on weddings - bride and grooms or Corporate office for upcoming events like Christmas or something. etc. I'm sure you get what I'm saying.

Hope this was helpful
Good Luck
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