Registering a business

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Registering a business

Unread post by Samantha07 »

Hi everyone!!
This is geared towards my fellow Canadians and those in Toronto specifically ! But any help is welcome

I have been trying to figure out what the best way to ensure my business name doesn't get taken (which I don't think it will) but I'm not necessarily going full force into starting up a whole business, if that makes sense.
There are just so many different fees and reports that I'm not exactly sure what I need and don't need right now or what the best option is ! It seems very confusing to me !
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Re: Registering a business

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I'm Canadian but in BC. We have to go through an application process with a fee, if the name is not close to another or not used then you have a certain amount of time to register that name otherwise others can take it and use it. I'm not sure if that is the same in Toronto. We then have to take it to our municipality and purchase a business licence. Then of course there's Canada Revenue with setting up a tax account. Hopefully this helps you :)
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