Unit A - Almost Done!

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Unit A - Almost Done!

Unread post by Xtian »

Hey y'all! About to submit Unit A for Wedding and Event planning.

I'm only submitting assignment A1 through A6. A7 is optional and while I do plan to complete it, the assignment is writing the executive summary for a business plan. I haven't written the full plan yet, and it will take me some time, and the course recommends writing an executive summary after you've written the plan, so the lesson seems a bit premature.

Did anyone else skip A7? Can I submit it at a later time for feedback?


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Re: Unit A - Almost Done!

Unread post by bonnetdane »

I did skip it as well , because i do not plan on having my own business , you can however do it later and send it for a certain fee
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Re: Unit A - Almost Done!

Unread post by Merrell625 »

I said the same thing about the assignment being out of order. I asked the school and they said if we wanted to submit the optional assignment after we have already submitted that unit then it will be a $20 charge for them to give feedback on it. :( They said since there is no time limit for assignments that we have time to figure it out and submit it.
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Re: Unit A - Almost Done!

Unread post by Jeffarah »

I just submitted Unit A the optional assignment. It may seem out of order since, in the traditional way, an executive summary is written last. However, I found that the assignment was quite helpful in that it got me thinking about exactly what I want my business to be and the direction I want my business to go in.

I do not have a business plan, but since my intention is to establish a business, I found that writing the Executive Summary really got the ball rolling.
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