Hi Im new

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Hi Im new

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Hi my name is Quinn and Im from Chicago. Just finished assignments A1-3. So far it has been pretty simple and self explanitory. Is it like this throughout the entire course?

Since Ive purchased the course I havent heard from the company. So I just followed the instructions and submitted my assignments. Hopefully someone will get back with me soon.

Event planning is my passion and natural talent and I just wanted to get something that showed I have basic training. How successful were some of you guys starting a business or getting a job after receiving the certificate?
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Re: Hi Im new

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You will have a verbal critique (just under the letter grade in mp3 format) of your work with your letter grade after submitting the entire section. I really enjoyed listening to them and learned more from them than I thought I would.

Congratulations for expanding your knowledge and good luck with the course. While it seems simple, it is quite involved.

I am waiting on my final grade. I turned in my final section last Friday. :D
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