Starting your own business?

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Starting your own business?

Unread post by Telana.McFadden »

Hello fellow students and graduates

I have been trying to decide on which is the best route to choose after I become certified. I would love to just drive in and start my own business, however I feel I should maybe work with a company first to see how all departments run a business. My question is, what are some of your takes on this matter, will some of you just drive right in or will you work with a company first?
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Re: Starting your own business?

Unread post by Aimee.Dunn »

Hi there,

I am actually hoping to get experience first in the event planning field, I've pretty much grown up in the Hospitality Industry so I do know a little bit. I'm directing my self into a reputable event planning company or a resort, where I can work along with the event planner maybe as an assistant or a shadow. I plan to start my business plan whilst getting experience. ( As well if your plan ever gets delayed, if you have a little bit of experience chances are you will get a job or promotion faster and easier ). I move around a lot so I figured I can just alter my plan as per location when I find the right one..but my advice would be not to rush into anything if you don't feel your feet are grounded. :)

Hope this helps,

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Re: Starting your own business?

Unread post by Xtian »

Hey! I think a lot would depend on your previous experience and your personality. Some people I know started their first business at 18 and have been successful since. Those people are rare. Most people need some mentoring and experience before diving in?

I would look at what work, volunteer and education experience you've had leading up to this. Have you worked in a related field, handled major responsibilities, worked with clients and experienced enough stressful situations that your gut reaction is to get creative and find solutions? If you have and you feel confident, I'd say dive in (but even then, finding good mentors and coaches is of the utmost importance.)

Good luck! Excited to hear what you do!
Christian G. | @cgarceau13
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