Charity/Fundraising Events

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Charity/Fundraising Events

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Hey everyone! I'm working my way through unit B. A friend was planning a charity fundraiser for this fall, but she's had a small relapse and won't have as much time, so she's asked me to step in. I do have prior event planning experience for smaller events, but this is pretty exciting this early in the game (again, only in Unit B).

My role will mostly be writing and controlling the "show book" — maintaining the timeline during the event and the smooth transition from performing art, music, cocktails, prize announcements, keynote etc...

I was looking over the topics covered in later units and was a bit surprised there wasn't a book devoted to charity events, although I would imagine because many of its components are similar to award ceremonies, corporate events and others.

Is there anywhere I should jump ahead to and review prior to my first meeting with the rest of the volunteer team?

Any tips, resources, and advice for a mid-size cancer charity event in a mid-size city (1 million) would be very appreciated.

Christian G. | @cgarceau13
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