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New to the School!

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Hi Everyone!
My name is Priscilla and I just enrolled in the QC Event School last weekend. I received my materials in the mail this past Wednesday and now I am getting started on my Event & Wedding Planning Course. I've been in this industry for 10 years, but I never pursued education or a certification. So this is new and exciting for me. I am eager to learn where I can do better and to also pat myself on the back for what I've been doing right. So let the journey begin!
Please leave a comment if you'd like to connect or just to say hi back. I'm also interested in networking with other professionals! Have a great week! :D
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Re: New to the School!

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Congrats to you!! I have been doing events forever and decided to get certified as well. I'm officially done and I loved the course! You will rock it!!! It's so fun and I did learn a lot..... I almost want to take another course because I enjoyed it so much. Maybe something the School of Travel.... mind is going. lol

Take advantage of the associations that we can join now. They offer a cheaper membership for students. I didn't sign up for them all but I did join one for $25! Can't beat that....

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