Building a website

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Building a website

Unread post by MirMir »

Hey guys I have a question? I want to start building my event planning website... does anybody know of a good website builder? I heard Squarespace is good but I just got done checking it out and it seemed a bit confusing. Also I didn't see any event planning templates.

Has anyone here started building their website, or already have one? Let me know.
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Re: Building a website

Unread post by Aimee.Dunn »

Did you try weebly?
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Re: Building a website

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I used squarespace to build my website, I found that it was easier to use and very reasonably priced. They don't have an "event planning" template, but if you choose one of their basic templates it's not hard to tweak it to your own liking.

--Wix is also a great website building site

Hope this helps :)
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