Need Help

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Need Help

Unread post by Shesbutiful »

Hello My name is Leslie it is a pleasure to be in this school, learning how to be perfessional in what I have a passion for, can some one please help me with assignment A2 I never measured to how many sq feet per person, when I did a party I just put together a party and chairs as the Client told me how many people they would have, its really challenging and I love a challenge just need help. this is the questions asked if you can please give me an example how to figure this out I'm not asking to do my work just have not been in school in years, 150 guests X ____ Sq. Ft. Per Person = ____ Sq. Ft. Required

Banquet Seating and Dance Area
150 guests X ____ Sq. Ft. Per Person + 150 guests X ____Sq. Ft. Per Person= ____ Sq. Ft. Required
a. Will a room that is 3000 square feet be large enough to accommodate both the ceremonies and then the dinners?


b. What about a room that’s 1600 square feet?
Thank you
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Re: Need Help

Unread post by Beckylou »

Hi Leslie

(150 guests X 10 Sq. Ft. Per Person) + (150 guests X 4 Sq). Ft. Per Person= ?
If you work out the bracketed ones separate then add the 2 totals together that is the answer

so once you work it out from here the questions should be pretty straight forward

will a room with 3000sq feet be big enough and will a room with 1600 square feet be big enough and then just expand on why it will or wont be big enough from example 1600 square feet will only accommodate either of the 2 not both.

Hope this helps & i wish you well with the rest of the unit.

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