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Unread postby Gemmalouise » February 20th, 2017, 2:03 am

Hello other Wedding and Event planners!
I'd love some help please.
With no experience except my Event and wedding planning course I completed, Id like to know if you think this is a good idea:
Should I put on Facebook pages (thinking the page i'm with that the suburb I live in can see)
Should I put a note on there to offer if anyone would like help planning their Wedding or event, I could offer to do this for free to start with so I can get my name out there.
What do you all think?
If so any ideas on what I can write?

Thanks heaps in advance. :D
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Unread postby NicolesPlatinumEvents » March 4th, 2017, 10:48 pm

From everything I have read and researched I would say absolutely not! Maybe to a friend that might be ok to offer but not to the general public. Maybe suggest giving help at a discount, they say not to do that either but that is the most I would do. You can also call around to non profits and offer free or discounted service to them to get experience. Also check out this website,, there was only 1 thing listed in my area but it is still better than nothing. When you offer your services for these non profits I would start off trying to give it at a discount so you can start earning something, if they push back then maybe offer for free since it is a nonprofit. Eventually you do want to get away from doing it for free for them as well. You have to make money! My mom has a lighting, draping and decor company and she offered her services and products to several non profits for a few months to get some experience after she graduated and then started to charge these people. Some moved on to find other people but most stayed with her and now recommend her. I hope this helps. It is coming from someone who hasn't done anything yet either but I have done a LOT of research and my mom started in a similar area so I have her experience in my back pocket to pick from! Good luck!
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Unread postby Lspingola7100 » March 22nd, 2017, 8:17 pm

Great response from Nicole- but also try planning a few of your own styled shoots! This will build your portfolio and show clients what you are capable of. I did this and it helped me immensely!!

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