Package Pricing

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Package Pricing

Unread postby NicolesPlatinumEvents » March 4th, 2017, 10:56 pm

Hello everyone! I have a question, I am putting things together for when I am ready to launch my business and am of course lost on how to price myself for these wedding and event packages. Has anyone done this yet? Are you pricing yourself slightly below market in your area or right there with them since you don't have experience but you do have schooling? In my area there is a HUGE range of charges from what I have seen marketed on for my area and I don't know where to price myself. My dad who is a business owner and has started several other companies in the past, some successful and some not, said not to undersell myself because I don't have experience, that the schooling trumps that. To push myself as better than some of these others because of my schooling and they have none. That I know things these planners don't know because of this school. He says there will be people who will prefer me over someone with experience. What are your thoughts? How he said it made sense but I don't know if I can consider myself equal or even better. Also, I found it easy to come up with packages for weddings and what the will entail but am lost on packages to create for events such as corporate, birthdays, non profits and so forth. Has anyone had luck here or know of any good websites or blogs to read to help? Thanks!
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Re: Package Pricing

Unread postby DestinyWalker » March 21st, 2017, 11:44 am

The template listed 10% and that is common for my area. Honestly, I'd rather hire someone with experience! Schooling is great but if you have zero experience with no portfolio, people don't know what you're capable of. Its like a doctor going to school for 8 years but never doing the clinicals. Experience is crucial. I am just starting but doing some events for free in the meantime to build a portfolio so by the time I complete the course, I have both schooling and experience.
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Re: Package Pricing

Unread postby Lspingola7100 » March 22nd, 2017, 8:14 pm

Hi there! I launched my business last year and was wondering the same thing. A fixed percentage such as 10% is super common. Although, take into account how much work you will actually be doing. If the work seems like a lot, charge per hour.
Also- Offer to plan an event or two for free or at a discounted rate at first just to build your portfolio and gain experience. OR you could even plan a few of your own styled shoots, just to show clients what you are capable of. I did this and it helped me immensely!

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