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Business Name

Unread post by traciecarlton »

Originally I didn't want to do a business name with MY name... but after not being able to think of ANYTHING it's sounding appealing...

What do you think of "Tracie Carlton Event Planning & Design"? Is it too long? Can you think of anything like a cute mash up of my name or something?! I'm ready to start booking and branding... but I feel like I can't until I have this HUGE hurtle down!

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Re: Business Name

Unread post by PTPevents »

Hi...I'm Deb. I'm in Kansas City and I remember struggling coming up with a business name. To me it feels like that is long for a business name. You might consider going with your initials and create a great logo using TC with Event Planning & Design beneath them. Or I can see your initials with 'Event Planning' beneath them and 'and Design' up the right side (like a backwards L). Hopefully that makes sense. Just my thought...Good Luck!
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Re: Business Name

Unread post by a.rippel »

I literally had a dream one night and in this dream I had a business as A Rippel In Time Events. Which was awesome cause it takes my last name into by business branding. The next morning I enrolled in QC and I'm blasting through classes. I've always wanted to do this, but I never had the confidence in myself to do it until that dream.

Have you thought of anything to mash your name in yet? What's your middle name? Maybe that could be helpful to use! Let me know, I could try and think something up. I got nothing as of now. Best of luck to you!
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Re: Business Name

Unread post by Tazdream »

I like the TC event and design planning
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