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Unread postby KristenSlemko » September 6th, 2017, 9:39 pm

Hey everyone, I am having some difficulty understanding how to complete the assignment for B2 in event décor

It is asking me a question that to me should only have 2 squares as its complementary meaning adjacent from one another, on complete opposite however it is 3 squares so I am just trying to get an understanding..

ex. sally wants to have a graduation party, and has decided to use royal blue.. she is stuck on the other colors, fill in the boxes to best ability

however first one is complementary pairing
than there are 3 boxes.. I thought there should have been two ...

royal blue and orange.... but with a 3rd I'm not understanding which color or how to be able to tell which I should use am I supposed to go with a tint.. so royal blue, orange and a cream color ?

if someone could please explain it a little better for me I would really appreciate it!

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