Qualified - Now I need a job!

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Qualified - Now I need a job!

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I have finished my course in Event & Wedding Planning and now I need to find work!

This certification has formalised my many years of experience. Due to being blessed enough to be able to travel and commit to family needs I have been out of the workforce since 2007 however this employment 'gap' has made prospective employers hesitant to hire me.

I have been in Australia caring for my terminally ill mother. Now that she has passed I am looking to relocate back to the USA and my husband. I am willing to relocate to any location for the opportunity to begin this exciting new stage of my life.

If anyone has knowledge of any positions that may be available could you please let me know or let your contact know about me.

I thank you in advance and wish you all success with the course and with your future endeavours.

Donna Buckley.
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Re: Qualified - Now I need a job!

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Hello there

really sorry to hear about your mother

I am in the same position as you I have sent away the last of my units and just need to pay my fees, would really love to start a new company however this is very scary when your doing it on your own!
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