A7 Business Plan

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A7 Business Plan

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So I know it says its optional, but would I lose any unit points for not doing the executive summary assignment. It's just I'm not even sure about most of the things its asking me to answer. I live in a very small community. I have plans to eventually move, so all my answers will depend on that.

I just want to make good grades, will this negatively effect them if I opt. not to do it?
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Re: A7 Business Plan

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I have recently finished Unit A of the Event and Wedding Planning course and received my grades back. I chose not to do the optional assignment at the moment as I would like more time to really think about the business I would like to start in the future. I saw there was an option of completing all of the optional assignments together at a later date and after speaking to the support centre have chosen to go down that path. Therefore I submitted my first unit without A7 and can happily say I received an A+ for my first unit so there was no negative impact to my grade. The only thing was that in the audio feedback my tutor did comment that I hadn't completed the optional assignment and hoped that in the future I would complete it. :)

Hope this helps!
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