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Unread post by AliciaH101 »

Has anyone gotten a refund from this school after signing up and realizing it’s not for them?

I payed for 4 courses in full ($1500) I don’t have the time to even start them. I contacted the school and I’m unable to get a refund they said I need to try to sell the courses. I’m not sure how to go about that.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you

Courses are: Event & Wedding Planning
Event Decor
Luxury Wedding & Event Planning
Destination Wedding Planning
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You have a few years to complete them. Could you just take it slowly and nut them out over time rather than not doing them?
Unless you really don't want to do them?
My main goal is to do Travel with Destination weddings as an attachment and yet I need to do all the Event and Wedding planning plus
Event Decor courses before I can get to the Destination Weddings course.
It's great info but I know that I have taken longer doing them because I already know my focus and what I don't want to do etc.
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