Assignment B1

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Assignment B1

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Hello Everybody!

I was hoping someone could give me some clarification as to what the tutors are looking for, for the first assignment in unit B. I downloaded the assignment page, but there are no instructions and unfortunately my packet information is not currently on me. If anyone could share some insight I would be internally grateful!

Thank you and have an amazing day! :D

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Re: Assignment B1

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Are you doing event and wedding planning or just the event planning course.
If you are doing just the event planning, is the assignment you are looking at the one where you are researching venues?
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Re: Assignment B1

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The best advice I can give you is this, be detail as possible and think of the tutor as your client or even think as yourself as a client and what would you want to know and what would be great information to know. For example, if it is asking you about a venue for a get together you going to need the name, price, does the venue have different rooms if so put some of them down as well as the price. Does the venue provide certain things like chairs and table? I also start listing the lowest price and the highest price instead of all the price. I hope that help and make sense.
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