New Student: Corporate Event Planning

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New Student: Corporate Event Planning

Unread post by LoriRevilla »

Hello, All,

Signed up late last year, will hit the ground running this year with Corporate Event Planning, Festivals & Live Events and Event Decor. How have you all gotten started? By committing yourself to learning once a week, twice a month, or winging it as you go, depending on the unit? I want to plot out my courses/learning in my calendar.

Many Thanks,
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Re: New Student: Corporate Event Planning

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Hi, my name is Lekeiya or Keia for short. I sign up for class around last August of 2018. I recently turn in unit A and got an A+, I am really slow at turning in things in...I start writing on my calendar when I should turn in a unit. It didn't turn out so good, unit B and C was supposed to turn in last month so I am pushing my self to get unit B and C done. I want to finish with all my class by the end of this year. I have come up with a name for my business but I have not said it since I want to register my name. But I would like to hear how everyone is getting their assignment turn in, it isn't hard just requires a lot of detail and time. :)
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Re: New Student: Corporate Event Planning

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I started Corporate event planning in February, I work fulltime on top of taking this course, as well as having a busy personal life. I commit one night per week (usually a Monday or Tuesday evening) and try to do a little on the weekends. I find it frustrating how slow the tutors are to mark assignments though! I am currently waiting for them to mark my second unit, it's been 11 business days so far. I find the course to be pretty easy so far. I know we have a lot of time to complete, but my work is paying for this and they want me to have this course done before the end of the year, which shouldn't be a problem, but it's just frustrating!
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Re: New Student: Corporate Event Planning

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ok. i think our teacher went on vacation. I posted my second unit also 10 business days ago and no grade either. I'm actually done with C but cant do the quizzes til the grade comes. Now that is frustrating. :( hope it comes soon. And its just not you!

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