Finding Vendors Within Budget

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Finding Vendors Within Budget

Unread post by anicole91 »

Hey guys!

I was just curious as to if anyone else has had a hard time finding vendors to fit the budgets for the scenarios in Unit E & F??
In some, not all, cases I've found that the budgets the "bride & groom" have laid out are kind of unrealistic for my area and even for my state. Which if this were real life, I'd probably advise my couple of what was happening, and even in Unit E I basically spent less in some areas in order to compensate for others. I suppose I'll be doing that on this final assignment as well!
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Re: Finding Vendors Within Budget

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Not sure if you had this experience as well...I'm from California and everything costs more here! I went over budget in some areas (doubled the venue) and bargained in others but the tutor marked me down slightly for that...stated that I needed to try my best to stay within the budget allotted for each element. Looking back, I would have chosen a backyard venue. Hope that helps others. :)
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Re: Finding Vendors Within Budget

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I am really struggling to find anywhere to fit in budget near me as well. I am at a loss with what to do. The books talk about letting your clients know if their event budget does not suit what they are asking for and I really feel like this is the case.. :(
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Re: Finding Vendors Within Budget

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I am having the same problem here in Oregon. I have searched even in the smaller towns to see if one of the parks could be rented for close to the budget amount. Some can be but then of course alcohol isn't allowed. I posted in the Wedding forum about this same thing and that I'm very close to saying they are paying a friend/family member to use their property.

I even tried looking for venues that I could possibly hit the food & beverage minimum since that budget is a little more reasonable for the F7 assignment.

I'm just happy I am not the only one with this struggle.
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