F1 assignment/E7 Case study

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F1 assignment/E7 Case study

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I just wanted to see if I was the only one that realized some of the components that were outlined for E7 case study were not introduced in the reading material for Unit E. For example...

The case study for part one in E7 asks us to identify the type of flowers we would recommend for the bride's bouquet and what type of bouquet the bride should carry? Flowers and types of bouquets are not mentioned until unit F in the Planning the Ceremony reading.

I guess my concern is I was stuck on the assignment for a little bit. I eventually got to the point where I was resourceful and just googled the bouquets and then I looked at the flowers for the season the wedding was going to be in. I guess one of my suggestions would be to maybe read through all of the material first and then go back and do the assignment just in case information you need may be in the next unit. I know as planners research is inevitable, but if the information is at our fingertips I though this might be helpful for someone to know. Good luck to you all on your courses and your future endeavors whatever they may be! God Bless!
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