Corporate Event Planning

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Corporate Event Planning

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Hey All

Im new! Orginally I was going to enroll in the wedding event planning courses but I felt the corporate event planning was an area I didn't know at all so I figured I would gain more from it.

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Re: Corporate Event Planning

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Hi Ashley,

The first course I took through QC Event Planning was the Luxury Wedding and Events Specialization course because I thought it was most relevant to my current role. I work for Longwood Venues' Newport RI properties, Belle Mer and the Newport Beach House as part of the Client Concierge. However, I think Corporate Event Planning has a lot more opportunity down the line as I move up in my career. I would highly recommend taking the Festivals and Live Events Course as well.
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Re: Corporate Event Planning

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I just submitted my last unit for corporate event planning, I did learn some things but I already do a lot
Of this in my job. I plan all meetings and conferences for
my company as well as head of our
Social committee so doing this course was more for the certificate and the raise in income for me. But I really did enjoy it!
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Re: Corporate Event Planning

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I have just started the first series of assignments in the Corp Event Planning...definitely interesting and gets the mind thinking
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