Receiving Negative Feedback

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Receiving Negative Feedback

Unread post by shortsofie »

Hello everyone,

Recently, I did a day of coordination for an acquaintance where she (the bride) gave me all the instructions of what she wanted done, however, the groom’s parents were paying me.

Today, I received a letter with a new contract listing what the family did as hours and what I did. I received less than half than what was promised (this did not bother me as I have just started weddings) and a page full of feedback.

This feedback included:
- it was my fault that the bartender didn’t show up
- not impressed that the family had jobs to do (like the seating chart)
- not impressed that I was off the clock at 11 because the couple had hired the venue for clean up

I think there was a miscommunication between the couple and the parents as my copy of instructions listed who was responsible for everything and some of the setting up (like the seating chart) family wanted to do.
I really want to address their concerns but because it was sent in a letter, I’m not sure what to do. I do not want to tell the bride that I received this.

Thank you.
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Re: Receiving Negative Feedback

Unread post by KeiaW »

I know this is late but better late than never. This is such a great topic to discuss when parents of the bride or groom are coming to you, and complaing about something that is your fault but is not. I am a very honest person but try my hardest to be nice about it. For me, I would set up a meeting where everyone(the bride, the groom, and their parents) sit together and talk about what the problem is and how you as an event planner can do better. When we all start off we all are learning but try our hardest to do the best we can. For one the bartender was not your fault especially if you know for a fact you did everything you could to make sure he/she show up. To settle that bartender problem you should talk to the bartender and the manager to see what happen and decide if you still going to use them again. The seating chart is a family job because you don't understand the whole family and who can sit where and who can not. And clocking out 11 is a good time this isn't McD where you open 24/7 every event planner need their rest to do their job to their best and full ability. Can't work with a tired mind and body.

All in all for me personally I would just set up a meeting bring some doughnuts and coffee and talk to the whole family because if you do not, people like that can ruin your career(leave bad reviews). Do not be afraid to speak about how you feel and how you did the best you could go into detail if you have to. Not a lot of people understand planning a wedding is not easy but us wedding planner enjoy it. This show people that not only you care but you would not allow to be pushed around and step on. As a wedding planner, there is a time to be nice and there is a time not to be nice. Don't let anyone step on you. I hope that help.
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Re: Receiving Negative Feedback

Unread post by Jconway01 »

Hey Keia,

I have just read your response and I have also found that to be very helpful feedback. I'll be keeping note of that for when I come across these situations as well.

I particularly like the setting up of doughnuts and coffee, I think its a great way to give a friendly and more homely environment to discuss any misunderstandings.

Thank you.
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