Event decor A1

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Event decor A1

Unread post by Hollymac »

Hey everyone,

i am currently on assignment A1, the letter to tutor. it says it needs to be 2 pages, but i have only managed to fill half of one page! is this a big issue? also, you are required to ask the tutor some questions, i dont have a clue what type of questions these need to be regarding? can anyone help please?

thankyou in advance!
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Re: Event decor A1

Unread post by Nik.Dunn »

hi holly!

If you didn't already finish this assignment...

I completed my event decor course a couple months ago. I just looked over my letter I wrote to my tutor and my letter is only one page in length. In my first paragraph I introduced myself and explained why I chose to take the course, my second paragraph I included my education history (Fashion Design) if I worked on any events and what kind, and what kind of interior design I'm into; in my other paragraphs I answered one question per paragraph (if that makes sense?). The question part is always the toughest because it feels like you're put on the spot, at least for me lol; I'd say take a few moments/days and jot down things that you might feel could be related to Event Decor.

I hope this helps! :D
- Nik<3
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Re: Event decor A1

Unread post by Vantastic1 »

Hello Holly! I just finished my A1 assignment and nowhere n the assignment sheet did it say anything about my response having to be two pages. I just filled in the answers to the questions in the box provided and that was it. Nor, did I see anything about asking my tutor questions so, I am not sure if they changed the document after you did the assignment or what.

But my question is on assignment A2, the color pairings part, they color wheel in the book has the complementary color to royal blue as orange, but when I look in the book at the color wheel, they state the complementary color to orange is green and I do not see how that is possible as it is not directly across from Orange at all. Am I looking at this wrong? I have not received my materials in the mail yet, so I am doing everything online.
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