Staying Motivated

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Staying Motivated

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Hello everyone! I took small break from all of my assignments ( I am enrolled in wedding ad event planning) because I lost motivation when I realized I was always busy. I am almost finished, I have 3 more MODS to go . How are you all staying motivated to finish and stay consistent?
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Re: Staying Motivated

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You CAN do it! I know how a "busy life" can start to feel like it interferes in keeping up with the assignments. Remember what your ultimate goals are and look towards them! I have definitely fluctuated on how intense and focused I was about getting assignments done, because certain times during the year, we are busier than others. But I set my goals to try to get 4 courses done in a year and I am on that track!! Take one assignment at a time and get 'er done! You will be so proud of yourself in the end! You've GOT THIS!
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