Event Planning marking timeframe

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Event Planning marking timeframe

Unread post by Brookie »

Hey guys :D

Approximately how long does it take for your work to come back marked? I just joined the school recently and have submitted Unit A in Event Planning 5 days ago.
I see I received a grade for my quizz, but not the rest of the unit.
Will I receive a notification that it has been marked? Do they usually send a voice clip or email?
Also do we wait for the grading of the assignment A before moving on to B?

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Re: Event Planning marking timeframe

Unread post by selina491 »

Hey Brooke,

It is 5-10 working days. So it should come back to you soon. It also depends on the tutor you've been assigned and their availability. You will receive your mark and a short audio clip to listen for feedback. You'll get an email notifying you your unit has been marked and you'll need to login to see the mark on the dashboard. If you click into the unit where you uploaded your coursework you'll see the audio clip to listen to.

You will need to have a graded unit before you are able to submit your next unit. However, as you have access to the books and assignments don't let this stop you from continuing with the next unit. Just keep on going until you receive your grade and then you'll be able to submit your next one :)

Hope this makes sense :)
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