Assignment D5 - event & wedding planning

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Assignment D5 - event & wedding planning

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Hi everyone!

I currently have most of assignment D5 in the event and wedding planning class finished, but I'm struggling with the last question on the page. The assignment is asking me to 'suggest one additional source of income my clients might be able to leverage to increase their budget,' I'm not 100% what the assignment is asking for. Is it asking me to suggest an idea to them so they can make more money for the wedding? Is it asking me to have them ask their parents? Could anyone please clarify? I figured I would try here before nagging my tutor.

- V Thomas
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Re: Assignment D5 - event & wedding planning

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Hey V Thomas,

I am not sure if you were able to figure out the answer to the question. I am trying to remember myself what I put. I went back to the assignments and could not find the question. I feel I remember writing something about planning and stag and doe or jack and jill where they could sell tickets and have things like games and raffles to help generate more income. They would be able to use the money from all the activities they plan, along with ticket sales for income.

Not sure if this helps at all. I wish I could find the actual answer I wrote down.

All the best!

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