Finisheddd! (Receiving Your Certificate)

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Finisheddd! (Receiving Your Certificate)

Unread post by melissa1984 »

I finally finished my course and just enjoyed it! does anyone know how long it takes to get your certification?
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Re: Finisheddd!

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Re: Finisheddd!

Unread post by Caitlin »

Congrats. Have you recieved your certification yet melissa? Curious on how long it takes for you to get it. :D
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Re: Finisheddd!

Unread post by ewright »

Hi M - have you received your certification yet? I have just finished the course last week :)
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Re: Finisheddd!

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Hi Everyone,

Congratulations on completing the course!

There are a few things that need to happen before we can send out your certificate. First we need to hear from your tutor that you have successfully completed all of your assignments. After that we have to check to see if you have paid for your course in full. If you have a remaining balance you must pay it before we will send out your certificate.

If you meet all of the above criteria and have not received your certificate within 10 business days please get in touch with the school so that we can make sure that everything is in order.

Krysta Ketcheson,
Student Support Manager
1-800-267-1829 (US and Canada)
0800 066 4734 (UK)
1800 358 931 (Australia)
0800 451 979 (New Zealand)
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