Anyone from Australia?

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Anyone from Australia?

Unread post by KieshaLee »

Hey, I've recently enrolled and was super excited until I realised QC was not Australian Accredited:( have any one you of still went through with the course anyway? And was it hard finding a job in the aus without accredation ? Is it worth going through all the assignments even tho you may not get a job?

Sorry for all the questions, I've tried contacting QC but no reply as yet. Really appreciate answers :)
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Re: Anyone from Australia?

Unread post by madeleine.southwood »

I have also just enrolled and I am from Australia! :)
When I first enquired about the course they said that even though it isnt an Australian accredited course, it doesn't need to be as the industry standards are different to lets say a Diploma of Business or a Diploma of Teaching etc.
I have previously worked within the Wedding Planning Industry when I undertook a Certificate II in Retail whilst at school and understand why QC told me that. They are correct in saying that the industry standards are quite different within the Wedding/Event areas.

Hope this helps!
I just opened my package today and have gotten stuck into Unit A and am extremely excited! So far so good!

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