Starting own Business vrs finding a job

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Starting own Business vrs finding a job

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hey everyone!
I am currently working through my schooling and recently unemployed. I find myself constantly battling the decision to start my own business or keep trying to find a position in a company that requires an event planner. I have been applying to jobs well out of my preferred driving distance and have even considered moving for my career but I have still received no offers.
I have helped countless people plan events and have lots of experience and I am finding it frustrating not being able to do what i love and get paid for doing it.

If anyone has some helpful suggestions, words of encouragement, or personal stories of success I would love to hear them!

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Re: Starting own Business vrs finding a job

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Hi Heather!
I have not yet completed the schooling I'd like to do but I know a lot of friends who have completed schooling for Radio Broadcasting, Event Planning, Make up Artistry etc.

I just turned down creating my own Lingerie Business. I had been working on it for 2 years on and off, I had so many things planned out, business cards, creating my own magazine, models, advertising etc.
I just recently decided to stop the whole thing, I want to go to school for other things and doing both is just not an option it is way too much.

If you're doing event planning you clearly have good organizational skills, Just as finding work is taking time, so will creating your own business, if the only reason you want to do it is because of money, put some adds in papers, give deals for experience to make some extra cash or until you get a job.

Before you decide if you want to create your own business, decide maybe if you did how far would you take it, how would you advertise, where would you go, how much money everything will cost to get you started etc.
and then you will figure it out!

Hopefully that was helpful!
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