Starting my business - any advice?!

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Starting my business - any advice?!

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Hi :D

Im Emma and this is my first post as I have just discovered the forum :-) Hope you are all enjoying the course!

I completed the course and gained my diploma in December 2011. Since then, Ive been in the slow process of looking into starting up my own business. Its been slow going, as I had a baby a couple of weeks after completing the course and I had to start back at work in January this year.
I've been doing lots of research into competitors, have started to put together a business plan (which I have found quite difficult in places!) have loosely put together a pricing structure, had a logo created, lists of venues and suppliers etc and put together a website (although its not the best as I couldnt afford to pay to have one done professionally)
I kind of feel like Ive hit a brick wall though! My next step is to arrange meetings with venues etc but I'm not overly confident in how to go about this - do I approach the subject of discounts etc, or just introduce myself? Its so difficult to know the best way to go about it! Has anybody done this yet?
My main obstical though, is that I am going to find it difficult to advertise as my current employer doesn't know anythign about it. I feel really bad that I havent told my boss about it but on the other hand, I cant afford to put my job at risk if she knew the situation as Im not sure how she would react. So a facebook page is out of the question! I really need to approach her somehow, but there is no guarantee that the business would take off anytime soon anyway.
Is anyone else in a similar situation? Did you tell your current employer that you were doing the course and planning to set up your own business? What first steps did you take in setting up your business?
Sorry for rambling on :?
i just have so many questions that I don't really know where to start! x
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