What to charge?

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What to charge?

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I have completed the course and am in the (slow!) process of setting up my own business in the UK.

I have a couple of events that I am doing free of charge (family 60th birthday party and a friends wedding) I am treating it as though they are paying clients in the way that I am completing a consultation form etc (just for me, not making them do it lol) with the details as though they are a paying client who has approached me, as I thought this would help for the future.

I have loosley put together a pricing structure but Im still not 100% about it - has anyone else decided on their pricing structure? Its difficult to not price too high, but not too low either! Now that I've come to sit and work out what I would actually charge if these were paid events, Im finding it quite difficult!

Any advice on what you have done, would be very much appreciated :D
Kelly Bailey
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Re: What to charge?

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Hope you are well!!

Initially I would recommend you charge a percentage of the clients budget, or a day rate until you get some great testimonials/phots on your website etc. If you are doing the 2 events FOC how about asking these clients what they would have paid for your services and use that as a guide.

Im only just getting started with the course however I have done quite a lot of events in the past and recently charged £250 purely for a wedding disco, I merely used my equipment, sat with the bride and groom and executed what they asked for ie first dance, speaker for speeches, era of music etc. They were very happy with paying £250 for 4 hours.

Drop me a line if you need any more info.

All the best
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