Assignment D7

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Assignment D7

Unread post by Lucyperry007 »

HI All
HELP!!! I have got this far and im stuck. I have completed Part 1, but im really stuck with part 2. I Live in Somerset, UK and i dont have anyone really local to ask. Also im not sure how get the information required to complete the unit.
Please if anyone in the South West (Somerset, Devon, Dorset) could help me that would be good.

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Re: Assignment D7

Unread post by JDavies88 »

What course is this assignment for?
Sharon Smith
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Re: Assignment D7

Unread post by Sharon Smith »

Hi Lucy

I'm not local (up in Glasgow), but I'm just coming to that part now. Google is my favourite friend for this type of information lol. You'll get some of your information that way and if you google for religious houses of workshop for whatever religeous sect of faith you chose in your area you could contact them direct and ask them to send you information or talk through it.

Good luck

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