Losing Motivation

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Losing Motivation

Unread post by bexebop »

is it normal for me to feel like I have no motivation? I am also a restaurant manager so am focusing a lot on the restaurant at the moment and find that i'm not making time for my study.....

Someone please send some motivation my way!!!
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Re: Losing Motivation

Unread post by CarmenT »

You can do this!

We all still have our lives going on. This is the best thing about this type of program, it allows us to work at our own pace.

There will be times in life when other things HAVE to take a back seat. I am a married mother and I have 4 boys, I work on my assignments whenever I have time. I am not putting to much pressure on myself to finish at any particular time because that's when I allow stress into my life. One thing I keep in mind is that I paid a lot of money for these courses. I'll be damn if I let that money go to waste because I didn't apply myself.

So take your time. Take a break, just not too long of a break. You signed up and paid your money for a reason, work hard now, reap the benefits later. YOU GOT THIS!!!

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