Service Charges???

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Judith A
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Service Charges???

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Hello fellow students,

Any one have any ideas how to price my services. I mean I understand not charging the big proffessional fees but I don't want to be doing hours of work for $50 either. In my areas varies so much, that's what makes difficult. :?
Miranda Rowe

Re: Service Charges???

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Hi Judith,

All planners charge differently based on what they're comfortable with, the going rate in their area, their level of expertise, etc. You might find it helpful to research your area to see what others are charging.

You also might find our blog post on setting a free structure helpful, which can be viewed here: ... -business/ :)

Don't hesitate to contact the school if you have any further questions.

Warm wishes,

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Re: Service Charges???

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I am providing my services Free of charge until the end of June to try and get some people to help me out while helping them out. I am trying to get my portfolio started so when I get my business going I have something to show straight away. Organising a Farewell party and 2 weddings at the moment and looking for some children's party's etc.

I plan on charging an hourly rate of 50-75$ when I first start up, probably the lower and will venture into charging more or changing my pricing structure and offering packages as I get into it more and see what is going to work for me.
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