Starting your own Business

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Starting your own Business

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Hey There,
I am half way through the course, and am really enjoying it. My dream is to compelte this course and start my own business, as this is my real passion.

Is there anyone out there that has already started their own business? If so, what obstacles did you face? What advice would you give to someone like me just starting out in the business.

Any advice is appreciated, thank you :D
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Re: Starting your own Business

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I am half way through the course as well and I am starting my own business. So far my biggest obstacle is funding...I have really poor credit so I am having to depend on family. Although the start up is not incredibly still costs. :D I would recommend going to a great site that another student posted and try to find some networking meetings. Go to bridal shows to start and get to know some of the vendors....even if you want to concentrate on just the event portion you will be using some of the same vendors. :P Get business cards and take them to all the vendors you can think of that live around you. For business cards Vistaprint usually has really good deals. Set up a website...personally I have enjoyed the best as I have tried several. Interview accountants and find one that you click with that will charge a reasonable price...they will help you with registering your name, getting your Federal Tax ID and many of the state requirements (I am in the US). See if there is a small business program in your area that can help with directing you in the right path with many things.

I know this went a little all over the place, I apologize. I am still in the process of getting everything going myself. :D If you would like me to expound on anything or you just have more questions feel free to message me or post here :D
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