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Business Website

Unread post by Nimsy »

Hi Everyone!! :D

I just submitted unit B, very exciting!!
I was just curious to know, how can you register your own website? :roll:

I have chosen a business name and website that is not taken, but how do I buy it or purchase it as mine?

Any ideas? :?:

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Re: Business Website

Unread post by dawn2323 »

There are many sites you can go with Vista Print, Go Daddy, WIX, ect. I personally like WIX the best. Any of these will walk you through it....once you register it will give you the option to register your domain name...the pricing depends on the package you choose with each one. Good Luck!
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Re: Business Website

Unread post by Marilu21 »

You can also check on They have very good prices and once you pay for your domain they will give you a free website that is pretty easy to create if you don't have any experience on creating a web page :) . Good luck!!
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Re: Business Website

Unread post by Tamz »

go to to register your domain name. they are fairly cheap. then it doesnt matter what program or host you use for your site you can link your domain name to it. if you just use something like or vista print you will have to use the domain name they give you, until to register your own and link to it. If you want to create a website yourself i suggest downloading Adobe Muse. It is a great program and you can get it for $14.99 a month including hosting (so it can be launched straight onto the net). I found when I used wix and vista print (i tried both) that they were really restrictive in what they let you do and how you site could look. Muse will allow you to do whatever you want very easily. Just play with all the options first to get to know the program.
if you want some more advice my email is I recently finished my website, but havent yet attached my domain name to it. if you want to see what i did with Adobe Muse check out hopefully by the end of the week you will be able to get to it by
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