Hey guys! I have a question!

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Hey guys! I have a question!

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Hi, my name is Linabel from Dominican Republic! :D

I have a question, how do you guys know how much money you are going to get from the job that you are realizing? Im in the book Event and Wedding Planning Business Unit 1 and I though it would tell me how much money I should ask, but it just say that it depends if my offer services are along geographical lines, income or type of job, but I don't have any idea hahaha. I'm about to plan my second wedding and I don't have any idea of how much should I ask for my service (the first time, I did it free).

We can be friends guys! If you guys have a Destination Wedding in the future count with me in Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic! Kisses! ;)
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Re: Hey guys! I have a question!

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In one of the books further into the course it says to charge $50.00 to $150.00 per hour. I am currently working with a wedding planner as i am doing this course and she has package deals, for things like set up and take down. But she charges $75.00 an hour
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